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  • Andrew Casey, ACF, RF

Painting Property Lines – Part One

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Christmas is over. Spring is in the distant future, at least today. What should you do? Paint your property lines of course. Well marked property lines are the best liability insurance a forest landowner can have.

I have been a forester for a pretty good while now and it never ceases to amaze me how few property owners have their property lines well marked. This is said tongue in cheek as Lisa and I own property where the lines have not been painted in many years.

The first step is to assemble the supplies. Next week we will show you how we go about painting. You will need paint, paint brush, and something to scrape the tree bark smooth with. I recommend brush on paint for painting property lines. Spray paint does not last very well in my experience. Nelson and BarkMark are two companies that make paint specifically for painting boundary lines and you can order their paint through the internet. You can also go to your neighborhood paint store and purchase a good quality oil based paint. We like the enamel. As for brushes, we use the inexpensive 3 inch chip brushes. No cleaning, just throw them away when you are done.

Job preparation is very important when painting trees, as with any painting project. The paint will last much longer and show up better if you will scrape the bark smooth before painting. I use a machete, but you can purchase a bark scraper from one of the forestry supply companies or use a draw knife if you happen to have one.

For more information about painting property lines; email us at, call the office 336-838-5766, or stay tuned for next week’s blog.

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