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  • Andrew Casey, ACF, RF

What is a Cord?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When we put the wood furnace in our office last December one of my goals was to get enough firewood cut before warm weather to get us through the next winter. That way the wood will have plenty of time to season/dry and there will be no problem keeping the office temperature in the upper 70’s on those cold winter days. As you can see in the picture we should have enough wood to get us through. Lisa became concerned I might have an addiction problem when dump trucks were unloading logs in the parking lot behind the office and there was barely room left to park a vehicle.

The question was how much firewood was enough. To answer the question after we finished burning wood, splitting, stacking, and piling all of the wood in the parking lot we measured the pile. Believe it or not the way you measure firewood is defined by state statute in North Carolina.

“Cord” when used in conjunction with purchases of wood is a quantity of wood consisting of any number of sticks, bolts, or pieces laid parallel and together as to form a rick or stack occupying a space four feet wide, four feet high, and eight feet long, together equal 128 cubic feet by volume…

In other words measure, in feet, the length, height, and width of your firewood multiply them together and divide by 128 to get cords.

With the assistance of Professonal Land Surveyor, Micah Sidden, we measured our pile and came up with 12.5 cords of firewood. We will report back when spring arrives and let you know how much we burned.

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