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A wide variety of services for your goals

Each service is customized for your needs and is as individualized as nature.  Sit down with us for a discussion on your goals and needs.

Forestry Management

Forest Taxation

Crop Tree Release Thinning

Herbicide Release Assistance

Forest Maintenance

Forest Health Issues

Reforestation Assistance

Tree Farm

Hunting Leases

Timber Sales

Casey and Company Forestry provides our clients with the most comprehensive timber sales available. 


We handle every aspect of the sale for our clients to ensure that the owner gets the highest price possible for their timber while maintaining the environmental integrity of the land.


A timber appraisal is done to provide the landowner with an estimate of what their timber is worth at the present time and present market conditions.


Our expertise and experience allows us to produce a highly accurate timber appraisal. 


We are able to provide a variety of data visualization tools with affordable site assessments that inform you about your land's location and forest stands.


An inventory allows us to

assess the current condition

of the forest and gather

baseline information. 


The basic information

gathered should include forest

types found on the property,

timber volumes, tree quality

and health, tree age and size,

tree growth rates, and site



We know land. We have the expertise to evaluate the factors affecting property value.  Most traditional real estate brokers are used to selling houses and have no idea about timber value on a piece of property. We do. 


We specialize in forestland, rural homesites and local commercial properties 

Real Estate

Land, Farms, & Commercial 

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