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  • Lisa Casey

Byproducts of Firewood

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In addition to building a store of firewood for heating the office next winter, we have been crafting a little too. I examined the firewood piles and started selecting interesting logs that I felt were worthy of "projects".

Among the piles were several hollow logs that I managed to salvage. We created several planters that we used for decorations for our open house. There was one log that I have been saving and after a little chainsaw work and an unexpected adventure with a snake, it is ready for viewing.

The delicate art of shaping my planter ...

All of my hens and chicks were in need of a sunnier new home. I picked the perfect location enlisted help in the form of muscle (Andrew and a hand truck) and the fun began!

I began transplanting the chicks - I have several varieties.

It was at this point two weeks ago that I encountered the snake. My right hand was in the middle of the planter holding the soil back as I reached for a plant with my left hand. I turned my head back to the planter just in time to catch the tail of a snake cross the top of my pink gardening gloves. After an initial shriek and a quick jump, I took a moment to gather myself. At that point I realized that I should probably wait until someone else was home to finish - just in case I had additional visitors!

After two weeks of trying to schedule help and avoid afternoon showers, I decided I would have to take one for the team!

The completed project.

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