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  • Lisa Casey

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Updated: Mar 10, 2021


Often the internet is an invaluable research tool – all the answers you need in one place. I have learned lots of interesting things and just as many things that I have no use for! I am easily distracted and sometimes wonder exactly where I started.

In an attempt to reduce our users from being sidetracked, we have tried to compile some links to forestry related topics. These are all categorized and will hopefully help to reduce the number of sources needed to find the answers.

  • Forest Management Forest management topics, wild flower and natural resource

  • Forestry Agencies Forestry Agencies and Universities’ Forestry Departments

and Universities

  • Weather Related Sites Sites providing weather forecasts and water data

  • Wildlife Related Sites Wildlife associations (bird, bog turtle, quail, turkey, deer…)

  • GPS/GIS Sites Sites that will allow you to create maps of our property

  • Forest Certification Several forest accreditation websites

  • Forest Taxation Sites with information on forestry taxation

  • Agritourism Local areas and North Carolina site

  • Other Links of Interest Other websites that do not really fit in the categories above

  • County Information Links County GIS and Register of Deeds websites

While these lists are not exhaustive, we have tried to include the links that we find most useful.

Check these links out and let us know if we have missed any that you like to use a resource!

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