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Pond Management

We provide a variety of services that can help landowners manage their pond resources.

Pond Damn
Pond Management

Pond Assessment


Structural Integrity of the Dam

Is there invasive vegetative growth that will damage your dam?

Is the integrity of the embankment sound?

Are there invasive burrowing animals?

Has the dam been over-topped from past flood events?


Discharge Structures

Are they operating properly?

Are they in good condition or do they need repair?

Are the overflow or emergency spillways properly designed and functioning?


In-flow Condition

Is the water coming into your pond stabilized or does it contain sediment?

What is the condition of the ponds watershed?


Water Quality

Do you know what the quality of your water is?

Nutrient levels and algae

Dissolved oxygen

Suspended solids(clarity)

Invasive vegetative growth

Mosquito potential


Pond Management


 Implement activities at a prescribed time to get the  most productive results

 Timetable established for regular “check ups”... every 2-4 years

 Water testing

 Vegetation management



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