Summertime First Aid Kit

July 29, 2016

There are many blessings we enjoy during summer time. All of the fresh garden vegetables; taking a swim on a hot day in the nearest pool, river, or lake; time spent at the beach are just a few.



This recent string of days with the temperatures in the mid 90’s brings up at least one item that none would consider a blessing. Working outside now means you are walking around in sweat soaked clothes all day. The rubbing of said sweat soaked clothes against tender skin can bring on a phenomenon known as galding. I’m not sure galding is a medical term, but mention it to anyone who works outside and they will know what you are talking about. Galding is a skin irritation that can be incapacitating in extreme cases.



Our cure for this is Balmex Diaper Rash Cream and Gold Bond Medicated Powder. Make sure you have a good supply of both before heading to work outside this summer.

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