Preparing Your Land for the Best Buyers

July 13, 2015



When selling vacant land, chances are the time your land remains on the market will be longer than that of a home.  This lengthy process requires patience and understanding.  However there are many simple things that you can do as an owner to prepare your land to sell to interested buyers and possibly result into a faster and more successful sale.

  1. Potential Use of the Land

    Have your realtor provide you with a topographical map of your property and talk to them about the potential uses. Is your land suitable for farming, hunting?  Can it be subdivided into a housing development or an area for vacation homes? These questions are an excellent beginning to developing a market plan for the sale of our land.

  2. Clean Up and Dress Up

    Just as you are cleaning up and dressing up your home for sale, you can also dress and clean up your land.  Cut the grass or bush hog and do it often.  Fill in any holes, remove weeds, dead trees and debris.  Fix any fences that need repair. Plant wildflowers to add beauty. If there is any old buildings that cannot be saved, tear them down and remove any debris. 

  3. The Road

    A lasting impression for the potential buyer is to see a well-maintained access road into the property.  

  4. Gorgeous Views

    Views sell, whether it is an ocean view or mountain top.  Views can sell your property and add to the bottom dollar.  Take full advantage of your view.  If you have trees obstructing your view you may want to consider removing them.  And before cutting any trees or debris, always check your boundary line and make sure you own the trees. 

  5. Timber Value

    If your property has marketable timber this could be a huge marketing tool and add thousands to the value of your property.  Consider hiring a forestry professional who can provide you with a timber appraisal.

  6.  Survey and Boundary Lines

    Consider having a survey done in advance of listing your land.  Your surveyor will mark your property boundaries with bright colored ribbons so potential buyers can clearly know where the corners are located.  Ask your real estate agent to secure an informational box on the property with maps and brochures about your land. 

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