Sweet Sorghum Syrup or Molasses?

According to Bradley Fox, molasses is a byproduct of the sugar cane industry and sweet sorghum syrup is produced when juice extracted from sorghum cane is boiled down. Bradley should know as he is the Board Secretary of the National Sweet Sorghum Producers & Processers. NSSPPA for short. My conversation with Bradley takes place beside a large vat of sorghum cane juice simmering over a wood fire. A group gathers every fall behind Anita Penland’s home in Alexander County to make sorghum syrup. Anita along with her father, Clyde Herman, and friends Bradley Fox and Dale Reese appear to be the ring leaders. But, everyone has a role in the production process. The folks stripping leaves off of the

Foresters Day Off

So what do foresters do on their day off? Well at least on this Saturday, foresters and other natural resource professionals gathered together at a Forest Stewards Guild meeting to look at creative and innovative forest management ideas. At this site in Granville County the group is looking at traditional forest management techniques: including commercial timber harvesting, herbicide application, and prescribed fire being used to manage for threatened and endangered species. Smooth Coneflower, Prairie Dock, and Eastern Prairie Blue Indigo are the species of concern. David Schake, Forest Manager with NCDA & CS Research Division is in charge of managing this site. Other stops looked at growing

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