The Mountain is on Fire!

“The mountain is on fire!” the logger in the driveway told me and I knew I would have to take a break from editing my “Lost Sea Expedition” TV series. The fire had started in the 55 acre timber sale the logger was cutting on our property. First I called the Rusty Dellinger of the NC Forest Service. Then I called my consulting forester Andrew Casey. Three things helped contain the fire on the mountain: We had a timber harvest plan in place: Andrew Casey had cruised, flagged and was supervising the timber sale where the fire broke out. From frequent monitoring reports, he knew the site well, including where the fire breaks would need to go. Close tie to Forest Service: We have worked with Rust

What is a Cord?

When we put the wood furnace in our office last December one of my goals was to get enough firewood cut before warm weather to get us through the next winter. That way the wood will have plenty of time to season/dry and there will be no problem keeping the office temperature in the upper 70’s on those cold winter days. As you can see in the picture we should have enough wood to get us through. Lisa became concerned I might have an addiction problem when dump trucks were unloading logs in the parking lot behind the office and there was barely room left to park a vehicle. The question was how much firewood was enough. To answer the question after we finished burning wood, splitting, stacking,

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