Creek Crossings

On most timber sales there will be at least one creek crossing. The crossing method we like best is shown here. Zack Wilson of Wilson Logging Company is shown putting in a creek crossing on a timber harvest in Alleghany County, Carolina. Here Zack is backing down to the creek crossing with a metal bridge mat. Zack has positioned 4 four foot wide mats to form a bridge. To finish up Zack is hauling brush that will be placed on either side of the bridges to keep the soil from rutting. If you need more information about creek crossings or other forest management advice: email us at or call the office at 336-838-766 #creekcrossing #bridgemats #logging #timbersales #timber

Beware - Stinging Caterpillars

Last week while hugging trees near Traphill for a timber inventory I spotted this little fellow. He is one of the group of caterpillars that have the ability to put a welt on you. This caterpillar is a banded tussock moth caterpillar. It’s one of several caterpillars that have stinging hairs. The hairs can get deposited on your skin and cause stinging and itching. Others include: flannel moth caterpillar, Io moth larva, puss caterpillar, and saddle back caterpillar. I normally notice these caterpillars in the late summer and fall. If you do come in contact with a stinging caterpillar you can place a piece of tape over the sting site and pull it off, to remove the stinging hairs. You may need

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