Preparing Your Land for the Best Buyers

When selling vacant land, chances are the time your land remains on the market will be longer than that of a home. This lengthy process requires patience and understanding. However there are many simple things that you can do as an owner to prepare your land to sell to interested buyers and possibly result into a faster and more successful sale. Potential Use of the Land Have your realtor provide you with a topographical map of your property and talk to them about the potential uses. Is your land suitable for farming, hunting? Can it be subdivided into a housing development or an area for vacation homes? These questions are an excellent beginning to developing a market plan for the sale o

Soil Nutrition

Soil nutrition/pH is probably the easiest soil attribute to manipulate yet it is often overlooked. Soil that has previously been in forest production can be very acidic. While this acidity is not a direct nutrient it does directly affect the uptake of nutrients to the plant. Different plants have optimal ranges in soil pH, however, most need a soil pH between 6.2-7.0 on a 0-14 scale. The lower numbers indicate higher acidity and higher numbers being basic or less acidic. In order to determine the available nutrients and pH of a wildlife food plot, a soil sample should be taken. The soil sample needs to be taken within 4-6 inches of the surface (in the root zone). Organic material, such

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