Location, Location, Location!

This is a cliché we hear a lot related to the value of real estate. While it is often publicized for property; it also holds true for the value of wildlife food plots. While deer season has been out a few months it is not too soon to start thinking about next season. The three aspects in wildlife management are food(natural or man-made), water, and shelter. Typically the closer these are in relation to one another and your food plot, the better. These features can be narrowed down by looking at a forest management map. Deer tend to like vertical structure for shelter in their habitat. Vertical structure refers to “vegetation layers” within the habitat, ranging from smallest plants on t

Painting Property Lines – Part Two

Time to get in the woods and start painting. The assumption here is that your property lines have been painted in the past. 1. Scrape the bark so the paint will stick better and last longer. Here I am using a machete to scrape the bark. You don’t want to scrape through the bark to raw wood when doing this. Just take off the loose bark and smooth up what you can. How nice a scraping job you can do will depend on the tree species. Make sure to keep your fingers out of the way while scraping. 2. Paint a nice neat band around the tree facing the property line. On larger trees the band needs to extend a good way around the tree so the paint is easily visible. 3. Step back, admire your work, and m

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